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Since 1975, over 45 years, we’ve been helping our clients in large and small markets realize their highest FBO sales potential. We understand the intricacies of the industry, as well as the complexities of the FBO market, and we offer a comprehensive service to ensure you receive the highest sales price possible for your FBO.

FBO Advisors analyzes and recasts your operating financials to establish its optimum value, and using our proprietary database of FBOs sold and current FBOs for sale, we’re armed with the expertise and the tools necessary to effectively market your FBO for maximum interest and the highest offers!

With over 45 years of FBO sales experience, we have successfully handled a wide range of FBO transactions for our clients.

Top things to consider when selling an FBO

Buying an FBOFBO Acquisitions

The FBO sector is truly unique and like no other kind of business. When is comes to purchasing an FBO or acquiring multiple locations, having expert advisement and counsel is invaluable and saves our clients money.

With our proprietary database of past FBO transactions, as well as an up to date knowledge of current purchase opportunities, we can shed light on the current FBO market as well as find opportunities not generally known to the public.

With a solid understanding of the FBO market, and years of experience analyzing various types of FBO businesses, our goal is to use our expertise to maximize your return on your FBO investment and future growth.

Top things to consider when buying an FBO



FBO Consulting_whiteFBO Consulting

Whether you’re looking for ways to maximize your FBO operations and revenue, or you’re preparing your FBO for a future sale, our expert FBO consultants can help you assess the market and determine whether it’s best to hold or sell, while attaining strategies to increase your profitability.

Getting expert FBO analysis and consulting is the surest way to determine where your FBO stands financially and how it stacks up in the aviation marketplace. With our expert advisement and counsel, you’ll know exactly where your FBO stands and what your best options are.

We’ve successfully advised and helped our clients in more than $500 million in total FBO transactions. We don’t have a passing interest in the FBO arena, we have dedicated ourselves to over 45 years of successful understanding and service to our clients so that they may achieve the maximum results for their FBO.

We have the experience, methods, and ability to analyze and successfully optimize your FBO for its peak performance. Call us today to set an appointment with one of our expert FBO Consultants.

Fixed base operations consulting and sales

Operations Analysis

What’s more important than improving cash flow while delivering high levels of service and customer satisfaction? We know the answer and we can identify areas of improvement for where change is necessary. We specialize in performing detailed financial analysis of your FBO and advisement for existing operations or future strategies.

By assessing individual areas of business, such as: line operations, hangar and storage, maintenance, avionics and interiors, we provide a comprehensive analysis and advice on spot profit raising opportunities.

FBO consulting

Revenue Enhancements

We offer expert consulting to assist in the implementation of analysis and recasting of operating financials, in order to provide clients with a plan of action to make operational adjustments, start or stop of individual business lines and departments, and staffing adjustments.

Fixed Base Operator Sales Consulting


We provide expert valuation of existing and proposed Fixed Based Operations as well as airports for our clients. With a detailed analysis of cost and operations, to market conditions and future projections, we make sure you have the insight needed for important decisions.

FBO appraisals and consulting


We offer full FBO appraisals, as well as, MAI Certified and EBITDA valuation appraisals. With our proprietary private database of past FBO transactions, combined with our expertise in operation analysis, you can be certain to get the highest quality FBO appraisal possible.

Fixed Base Operator lease and sales negotiations

Lease Negotiation

We specialize in successful lease negotiations for both large and small FBO operations. With our solid understanding of the current FBO markets and our years of negotiation experience, we will bring everything to the table and leverage the best lease for your specific interests.

FBOs for sale
Fixed based operator clients
FBO clients

" I was very impressed with how the FBO Advisors team performed for us. They did an impeccable job! Our FBO sold for almost $1 million more than we expected! Wouldn’t use anyone else! "

J.T. Midwest FBO Owner

" It was time to sell our FBO and we realized that we lacked the current market knowledge to correctly price our business, let alone effectively market it for the highest price. FBO Advisors did it all, advised us as to a fair price for both us and a buyer, and effectively sold our FBO in a short time! "

K.W. California, Managing Partner, FBO Owner

" With all of the recent FBO mergers and consolidations, the landscape has changed so much. We didn’t know who to present our FBO to, or how to negotiate for the highest but still fair price. FBO Advisors team was knowledgeable and had all of the industry contacts necessary to present our FBO to. With their guidance, we sold it quickly and for a good price! "

A.M. Florida, FBO Developer and Owner

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